watershed councils

County Council Map.png

Upper Nehalem Watershed Council

Executive Director: Maggie Peyton

Address: 1201 Texas Ave, Suite A; Vernonia, OR 97064

Phone: 503.429.0869

Email: maggie@nehalem.org

Website: http://unwc.nehalem.org/

Watershed councils have a strong focus on native plants, restoring habitat, and restoring impaired watersheds. They have a wealth of information on the habitats and important species in your backyard and surrounding area. They work on a voluntary basis with Landowners, Municipalities, “Friends Of” groups, and state and federal agencies to restore habitats for beneficial species.

Contact your local watershed council for more information on your local area.

Lower Columbia River Watershed Council

Coordinator: Allan Whiting

Phone: 503.789.9240

Email: allan@whitingenv.com

Website: http://www.lowercolumbiariver.org

Scappoose Bay Watershed Council

Coordinator: Pat Welle

Address: 57420-2 Old Portland Road; Warren, OR 97053

Phone: 503.397.7904

Email: pat@Scappoosebay-wc.org

Website: http://www.scappoosebay-wc.org/