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Gardeners, landscape professionals, farmers invited to learn about soil health.

West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District and Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District are pleased to present Soil School 2022 beginning Tuesday, April 5th. The event is being offered as a series of eight live webinars, held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the month of April.

Presentations include topics related to soil and soil health. Presenters include soil scientists and other experts in the field of soil health. Sessions will cover methods of soil management that follow ancient practices, currently known as regenerative agriculture. This method of agriculture builds soil organic matter, captures carbon, increases soil biodiversity, and reduces or eliminates dependence on chemical fertilizer, pesticides, and other methods of conventional agriculture.

All sessions are free and participants are required to pre-register online at: This is the 10th Soil School co-hosted by the two organizations.

Soil School sessions, dates and times:

·         April 5th, 6:00pm – Opening Session: It’s all about SOIL!, Presented by James Cassidy, Oregon State University

·         April 7th, 6:00pm – Soil Health 101, Presented by Katie Chambers, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

·         April 12th, 6:00pm – Kiss the Ground film Q & A – Special Session, Presented by Don Smith, Kiss the Ground film

·         April 14th, 6:00pm – KEYNOTE: The Soil Food Web, Presented by Dr. Elaine Ingham, Soil Food Web

·         April 19th, 6:00pm – Soil Microbes, Presented by Jen Moore, USDA Agricultural Research Service

·         April 21st, 6:00pm – Integrated Pest Management, Presented by Weston Miller, Oregon State University Extension Service

·         April 26th, 6:00pm – Biochar and Soil Amendments, Presented by Cuauhtemoc Villa, Sauvie Island Center

·         April 28th, 6:00pm – Regenerative Agriculture and Gardening, Presented by Rhianna Simes, Cultivate Oregon


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