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Public Records Request

Various colored paper folders piled on top of each other filled with paper

Public Records Requests must be made in writing.​ ​For your convenience, a fillable request form is available below:

CSWCD Public Records Request Form.pdf

Requests should be as specific as possi​ble and include:

  • Type of record(s) requested
  • Subject matter 
  • Approximate date(s) 
  • Names of businesses and/or people involved ​

If possible, please provide the names of the records you are requesting. Otherwise, please describe specifically the type or category of records you are requesting. Records are retained by the District pursuant to the Records Retention Policy adopted by the Board of Directors. To assist in your request, a copy of the District’s Policy regarding Public Records Requests is attached below. 

CSWCD Public Records Policy

Please note that if you are seeking to inspect records stored at the District office, staff will require time to locate and review documents that are responsive to your request. You may be asked to schedule an appointment to return at a later date to view the documents.

Certain types of public records are exempt by law from being released and usually involve confidential information. These exemptions are listed under ORS 192.345​.​

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