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Growing Flowers From Bulbs

Many of the earliest spring flowers grow from bulbs. The bulb is a store of food that lets the plant shoot up and grow before it is warm enough for most flowers.

Only use bulbs that you can buy - never dig up bulbs that are growing wild!

May contain: food and produce

What you will need to get started

  • Clay pots
  • Bulbs from the store
  • Soil or compost
  • Sand
  • Water
May contain: bud, flower, plant, sprout, and soil
May contain: plant, window, and windowsill

Step 1

  1. Buy your bulbs in the fall.
  2. Plant them in pots of compost, or garden soil mixed with sand.
  3. Dampen the compost before you begin.

Step 2

  1. Half fill the pot with soil or compost.
  2. Plant the bulbs with the pointed end upward.
  3. Leave about 1 inch between them.
  4. Cover them with soil until only the tips show.

Step 3

  1. Leave the bulbs in a dark, airy place until they begin to grow.
  2. Don't forget about them and be sure to keep the compost damp.

Step 4

  1. You should see the first shoots in about two months.
  2. Put the pots in a warm, sunny place and water them.


  • Try planting pits from apples or oranges, and pits from avocados or peaches as well.
  • Plant them as above, put them on a window sill, and keep them well watered.

Information provided by USDA:

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