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CSWCD Committees

Committees are an effective way for Columbia SWCD to plan and implement Columbia SWCD functions. They can be comprised of board members, associate directors, Columbia SWCD advisors, representatives of cooperating agencies and associations, or interested citizens. These committees are created to serve the District and the taxpayers of the District, to help the board better understand and make decisions on specific issues. Currently, the Columbia SWCD has several standing committees.

These standing committees are separated into committees that have board members appointed:

Director appointed committees

1. Personnel Committee – consisting of 3 SWCD board members and 1 SWCD staff.
2. Budget Committee - SWCD directors + 7 Columbia County citizens appointed each February, to review and approve the SWCD budget.
3. Policy Committee – Consisting of 3 SWCD board members and 2 staff, this committee reviews and amends policies for adoption by the board.
4. Volunteer Committee – Develops and implements the volunteer program consisting of 1 board member and 3 SWCD staff.
5. Education Committee – Consisting of 1 SWCD board member and 3 staff, this committee creates and reviews the direction of our education program.

The Columbia SWCD does have ad hoc committees, which are charged with specific tasks over a specific time period. Ad hoc committees are then disbanded after the assigned task and/or timeframe is completed. Recent ad hoc committee example: Building committee.

Committees with no Director appointed

1. Safety Committee – 3 SWCD staff reviews and implements the Districts' Safety policies.
2. Columbia Invasive Weed Control Partnership (CIWCP) – members are SWCD staff, LCRWC, SBWC, UNWC, OSU ext., ODF, NRCS, Columbia County, City staff, Land Development Services, LCEP, CCSWA, and others.
3. Water Conservation and Protection Committee (WCPC) members are Columbia SWCD staff, Columbia County Land Development Services, District 1 and District 18 watermasters, LCRWC, SBWC, UNWC, and OSU Ext. This committee reviews and helps guide the District in water conservation and protection through groundwater studies throughout the county.

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