Columbia County Farmers and Producers are Invited to Advertise for FREE in the North Coast Food Guide

Do you or someone you know want to sell local food products directly to the public? The OSU Extension Service office is partnering with the North Coast Food Guide to help local farmers and producers connect their products and services directly with consumers. The North Coast Food Guide offers a wonderful website where local residents can search for farm direct foods and other products to purchase directly or through farmers’ markets. Check out their website at:

The Local Food Guide has an online fillable form to make registering your farm or small business with the food guide an easy 5 minute task. In order to be included in the 2017 printed version of the Food Guide you must complete the form for your farm or business by January 28, 2017! Printed copies of the food guide will be available for distribution to the public later this spring and will be available online all year long. Categories of agricultural products that can be included in the guide are: Soil & Amendments, Edible Plant Starts, Fruit Trees & Shrubs, Vegetables, Fruits, Eggs, Cheese/Dairy, Fish/Shellfish, Local Honey, Mushrooms, Pickles/Preserves, Baked Goods, Medicinals & Herbs, CSA/CSF Programs, Local Grocers, Meat, Flowers, and more!

To sign up please complete this form.

Or call the OSU Extension Service Office at 503-397-3462 for assistance.