Last Friday the announcement was made by NRCS that the Lower Columbia

Watershed Partnership RCPP proposal was approved.  This project over the next 5 years will put 8.8 million dollars in restoration

on the ground in the Lower Columbia Region of Columbia County Which includes the Clatskanie River watershed and the

neighboring systems just east of the City of Rainier along Hwy 30 to West of the City of Clatskanie.  I want to thank each of you

for your commitment to this effort. The partners have together committed 5.8 million dollars to match the 3 million dollars

approved through the NRCS RCPP program.  Through use of the Watershed Authority PL-566 and locally led contracting, this

partnership will be able to involve more landowner participants and make measurable improvements to the health and viability

of the Lower Columbia River Watershed. The project will focus on water quality degradation, with an emphasis on improving

excessive sediment in surface waters by designing and implementing several stream bank protection projects, floodplain

improvements, while also increasing vegetation to minimize excess nutrients and pesticides from getting into the stream

systems. These actions will also assist in improving inadequate habitat for fish and wildlife by addressing fish passage and large

woody debris. By bringing the expertise together from all of our partners we can make significant strides toward improving the

habitat and water quality in the Lower Columbia River Watershed.

Partners that have committed to assist with this project:

Lower Columbia River Watershed Council

Columbia County Road Department

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership


Clatskanie Middle/High School

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Department of Environmental Quality

Columbia River Youth Corp

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife