The State of Oregon has a flexible small grant program available to the residents of Columbia County. The goal of this program is to reduce human and livestock impacts to the environment, and it’s priorities are locally set and funding decisions are made locally as well. The grant can typically pay for 75% of the cost of an eligible practice up to $10,000.

Eligible Projects Include:

  • Streambank Stability or wildlife habitat.
  • Heavy Use Areas for Livestock.
  • Rain Collection for Livestock or Irrigation.
  • Covered Manure Storage Facilities for Livestock waste.
  • Culvert Replacements for Fish Passage.

Ineligible Projects Include:

  • Engineering Design
  • Streambank Protection not using Best Practices (ie, Rip-Rap or Rock Walls)
  • Rain Collection solely for drinking water
  • Projects required

Interested landowners should contact Nathan Herr – Senior Resource Conservationist at  to inquire for availability.

Examples of Small Grant projects