Malyssa Legg, Assistant District Manager has been with the District since April 2009. Malyssa handles the day to day operations in the office as well as fiscal and grant management. When not working, Malyssa enjoys cooking, baking, reading, watching lots of sports with her husband, and playing with their adorable cats Sharkie and Lou.

Jennifer SJennteinkeOffice and Outreach Coordinator Jennifer has been with the District since March 2016. In addition to her administrative and reception duties, Jennifer helps support the rest of the staff and handles the outreach materials for the district such as the newsletter, updating social media sites, district website, and more. Jenn is also the person to contact if you would like to join the newsletter mailing list or have questions regarding the meeting room facilities. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her puppy and fiancé, being outdoors, baking, exploring vineyards and wineries, and trying new things.


Crystalyn BushRiparian Specialist  Crystalyn was hired in March 2016. She has a B.S. in Environmental Science from Oregon State University and a B.A. in English Literature from Middlebury College. Crystalyn oversees the District’s noxious weeds program and the development of outreach materials/activities, engages with local schools and educators, provides field support to staff and technical assistance to landowners. She enjoys discovering things with her family, her job, walks in the woods, gardening to excess, making the house smell delicious, and never having enough time for it all.

Nathan Herr, Senior ResoNathan Herr 1urce Conservationist Nathan has been with the District since January 2012. He has a BS in Environmental Science and a minor in Fisheries from Oregon State University. He oversees field staff operations and is the lead on the ODA water quality program for Columbia County. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys being outdoors with his dogs, wife, and three daughters or out hunting and fishing as much as possible.

SeleneSelene Keeney, Resource Conservationist Selene joined District in July 2016. She has a B.S. in Science and a minor in Botany from Portland State University. Prior to joining the Columbia Soil and Water Conservation District, Selene worked as an Ecologist/Project Manager for a private consulting firm. When not working, Selene enjoys spending time with her family, exploring and being on or in Pacific Northwest rivers, streams and lakes.

Don - NRCS

Don Mehlhoff, NRCS District Conservationist has over 31 years with NRCS. He began working for the agency in North Dakota followed by several years in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and now Oregon. He has been a certified crop advisor since 1997 and has been certified as a journeyman conservation planner with Oregon NRCS since 2000. Don and his family have resided in St. Helens since 2000 when he accepted the NRCS position here. “My favorite thing about working for NRCS is the opportunity to work with farmers, ranchers and forest operators. The chance to visit their farms, discuss their operations and their interest in conservation makes the job rewarding. I have typically learned more from them than I have probably provided in return.”

Dee Robinson, NRCS Program Support Tech began working for the Northwest Oregon RC&D Council in 1987, and was converted over to SCS/NRCS in 1989. Over the past 29 years, Dee has served in many different capacities, providing assistance to RC&D and the North Coast Basin NRCS. She and her husband, Vic, live in Forest Grove, where they also own and operate a music store, Vic’s Guitar Cave. They enjoy music and reading.