Legal Notice




Notice is hereby given that on November 6, 2018, an election will be held for the purpose of electing board director(s) to the following positions for the Columbia Soil and Water Conservation District:


Positions:  Zone 1, 4 years; Zone 3, 4 years; At Large 2, 4 years


Zone boundaries, eligibility requirements, and copies of the required elections forms may be obtained at the SWCD Office located at 35285 Millard Road, St. Helens, OR 97051 503.433.3205


Election forms and information may also be found at:


Each candidate must file a “Declaration of Candidacy” and a “Petition for Nomination Signature Sheet” with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Division. The filing deadline is 5:00 p.m. on August 28, 2018.



Are you interested in becoming a director at The Columbia SWCD? Do you qualify to be a director? Here is the information that you will need to know.

Candidates for the position of SWCD director must meet certain eligibility requirements as outlined in Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 568.560.

Board Meeting

At-Large Directors

Directors must reside within the district boundaries and be registered voters.

Zone directors have two options for eligibility:

Option 1

A zone director:

  • Must own or manage 10 or more acres of land in the district.
  • Must be involved in the active management of the property.
  • Must reside within the boundaries of the district.
  • Directors may either reside within the zone that is represented or own or manage ten (10) or more acres within the zone that is represented, and must be involved in the active management of the property.
  • Must be a registered voter.

Option 2

An individual may also serve as a zone director when the individual, in lieu of the other requirements in Option 1:

  • Resides within the zone that is represented.
  • Has served at least one year as a director or associate director of a district.
  • Has a conservation plan that is approved by the district.
  • Is a registered voter.

You can also download the following PDF for more information:

Candidate Rules for SWCDs